What Makes Us Unique

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Diatom sponge




Silicone memory foam


Warm memory
Core material

The core technology of a high-quality pure latex mattress is mainly reflected in two aspects:One is high-tech production formula The second is advanced production equipment and standard manufacturing processes


We have been exploring a new mode of human sleep, innovating and continuously optimizing. Has now successfully taken the lead in the domestic research and development of diatom and the third generation of REFRESH technology --- high crystal molecular cotton material       It conforms to people's feelings for nature and cleanliness, and creates the "core" concept of high-end quality of life.

Diatom, let us stay away from PM2.5, O2 unlimited enjoyment.

REFRESH technology allows us to get rid of traditional bedding that is not breathable and non-washable.

Completely solve the shortcomings of previous generations of pressure relief products that are stuffy and non-hygroscopic.

The bedding that brings you the perfect combination of technology and life from generation to generation carries warmth and health and introduces more happy families.


The pocketed springs are tightly placed in a natural cotton bag, providing continuous support without putting pressure on the body. In addition to the number of dense springs, their shape and thickness can also affect the softness and elasticity of the mattress. Maximize the guarantee so that you can find a bed of different hardness for you and your partner

High resilience space memory foam

The natural sky memory foam can provide suitable support hardness due to changes in human body temperature, effectively resolve human body pressure to zero pressure, counteract the reaction force, reduce the generation of sore points, promote blood circulation, and completely relax the neck and shoulders to relieve cervical pain , Make it easier for people to enter a deep sleep state, thereby improving sleep quality.

Natural materials

All our latex is made of Malaysian pure natural latex to ensure environmental protection and your health. It is durable, delicate and soft. It preserves the delicate balance for our common home, the earth, and spreads the culture of sleep to all over the world.

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